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LAST UPDATED: 05/04/2015


Welcome to the world of post-war Hornby Gauge 0.


The purpose of setting up this web site is to share with like-minded collectors the information I have about post-war Hornby Gauge 0. Most of the information was amassed by me from visiting and cataloguing other people’s collections or from items either brought or looked at when building up my own collection.  Over the years many other collectors have been kind enough to join in the fun by sending masses of information and vast numbers of lists.  In the end the sheer amount of information and the time needed to sought-it out into some kind of order, nearly defeated me.  But encourage by Jill my wife, my close friend Simon Goodyear and many other friends; I started in 2001 to collate the information into a more manageable form. I now have twelve ring binders stuffed with the mother lode – real information about PW Hornby Gauge 0.  Plus numerous computer files filled with lists, dates, etc.

Before I get involved explain what’s to come, I must express a sincere debt of gratitude to Chris & Julie Graebe for spending the time to write the Hornby bibles – ‘The Hornby Gauge 0 System’ and the companion ‘Gauge 0 Compendium’.  Pre-book, the Hornby world was a wild and dangerous place, full of rumours and false trails. New entrants to the world of collecting were quickly confused by the vast range Hornby made and easily misinformed as to what was made and when.

Post-book the world was a brighter place, the birds were again singing and all was well. Thank you again Chris & Julie.

In my humble way this website is an attempt to move the Hornby world on. In 1985, when Chris & Julie first published ‘The Hornby Gauge 0 System’, the idea of anyone seriously collecting or being interested in post-war Hornby Gauge 0 was a rare occurrence.  1985 was also the year I joined the ranks of Hornby collectors and I commenced to amass as many items as I could afford.  Luckily, PWHG0 was everywhere at antique fairs, toy fairs, swap meets and could even still be found in a few toy shops.  At most fairs it was under the table - normally in large cardboard boxes – as most dealers just wanted to get rid of the slow selling post-war stuff and concentrate on the faster moving pre-war items.  So buying box loads was quite normal and I obtained some of my best items in those early days.  Unfortunately, the ‘bibles’ reflect the secondary position PWHG0 was perceived as at the time and with limited space the emphasis was decidedly pre-war.  The bibles are still the indispensable starting point for new and existing collectors.

What I hope to achieve with this website is to display the information and get YOU to react to any mistakes & errors I have made or even better still to send in new or revised information to add to the site for all to share.  The ‘bibles’ and this website are intended to be complimentary and used together only benefit all PW collectors.


So what’s to come?  The site will eventually work in two ways. The Sales section will be items I have to sell and will be linked so items can be selected automatically onto an e-mail order form or it can be used to request further information. Most items for sale will be shop ‘stock quality’ or the best example for rarer items.  You will be able compile your own Wants List in the Collecting section.  This section will list all the known mainline versions of individually boxed items and the principle train sets. It will also include items we believe may have been made but as yet unconfirmed.  These are referred to as PU and are printed in red.  Hopefully, we will in time get most confirmed by you or other collectors.

The Wants List is a facility where you can automatically compile your own list using the entries in the Collecting list and email me a copy.  The information will be treated entirely confidential and as and when I have what you want I will email you with details. There is no obligation to buy but you will be offered the items first before they are listed under the Sales section.  The Collecting list is really a brought up to date version of the ones found in the ‘Gauge 0 Compendium’.

The rest of the site is all information.  Collecting has already been explained but that’s only the start of will become a very large reference site for all things PWHG0.  The biggest section will be Archives which will have sub-sections on box codes, product codes, literature issued, train set information and other features such as my past articles in the ‘Collectors Gazette’, tin printing information, possibly HRCA articles on post-war themes and much more.

News will be features & articles, your letters & emails, a message note pad, meeting and toy fair dates, venues where I will attend and no doubt other items as yet unthought-of.

Please be patient as I alone have to upload all this information onto the site but it will be worth it in the end.

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For more information – watch this space.


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